Boarding Pass Travel Consultancy Services was established on the 19th of June 2019. We are a team of young individuals with fresh ideas, creative imaginations and travel passion. We believe that the Philippines is yet to peak in this part of the economy and we wanted to do our part in making sure that we achieve the same, not forgetting our commitment to care for our environment and our planet.

We are very picky with our partners. Probably as picky as you when choosing your accommodations for your vacations. We wanted it to always be the best experience yet. With that in mind, we seek for luxury properties that can offer the most value for your money. Where luxury meets quality and affordability, so they say.

As travel enthusiasts and business owners ourselves, we understand the requirements of corporations for their events, as well as families with babies and elderlies for their vacations. With that in mind, we also offer tailor-fitted type of packages depending on the demands and needs of our clients at a very reasonable cost.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


For our clients to enjoy their hard-earned money’s worth,

So that every travel destination has satisfaction brought,

For every moment to be so magical, heartfelt and memorable,

That they surely want to travel more!


To be the chosen partner in the tourism industry not just for big corporations and companies, but also for families and elderlies.

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